I use (and related domain names such as, and for testing and enhancing open source software in my free time. Please note that while most of these domains do not have public web services this does not imply that they are not in use.

Technologies currently in use include GNU/Linux (Debian and Red Hat/CentOS), KVM and Xen (virtualisation), Apache (web serving), MySQL (databases), BIND (DNS), HAProxy (load balancing), Postfix + Dovecot + GlusterFS (redundant mail services), tinc (mesh VPN between hosts), as well as a large number of custom Perl scripts for automated management, DNS-based failover, and service monitoring and recovery, all spread across three VM hosts and a number of additional VMs in geographically diverse locations. Having a background as a systems engineer, I find it an interesting technical challenge to run all the services of an ISP on a strictly private and non-commercial basis.

If you are visiting this page, most likely you have followed a link from a site or service on one of my hosts. If you have reason to request more information, please send me an email.

David Joy
2 September 2010